Minutes of the Parish Council meeting 11th August


Minutes of meeting held on Monday August 11th 2014

Present – Bob Branch, Trina Backhurst, Tony Adcock, Julie Coxall, Lucian Hatfield, Jenny Jullien, Sue Watson and Robin Page were in attendance. There was one member of the public present

1                   Apologies for absence – Ron van der Hoorn, Christine Kipping and Sebastian Kindersley

2                   Declarations of interest – Trina Backhurst declared an interest in the reinvestment of bond monies from the Bank of Cyprus, as she works for N W Brown Investments.

3                   Open Forum for public participation – No contributions

4                   District Councillor’s Report –Robin Page mentioned the Cambridge National Capital Leaders Platform, where there was found to be a demand for an additional 7,000,000 hectares of farming land, and the lack of connectivity with government departments, which are only considering housing needs, not food security or other matters related to increasing population. A recent Planning Inspector decision, saying that in the Inspectors view SCDC does not have a 5 year supply of housing land, could lead to developers getting approvals more easily. RB reported on his recent meeting with Andrew Lansley MP to discuss Government Planning Policy. A number of issues were identified to be taken up by our MP with the ministers concerned.

5                   County Councillor’s Report – Sebastian Kindersley was away on holiday.

6                   To approve and sign the minutes on July 14th 2014 – approved and signed; TB proposed, JJ seconded

7                   Matters to be reported from these minutes – none

8                   Planning – S/0228/14/FL – Revised Plans – Demolition of garage and replacement with 2 storey detached dwelling, 16 Badcock Road – No recommendation

S/1448/14/FL – First Floor Roof Extension & Conversion of Double Garage to Living Accommodation, 11 New Road – Recommended for approval

S/1625/14/FL – New linked detached dwelling, 41 Chestnut Close – Recommended for approval

9                   Additional matters for discussion – RB confirmed that the Parish Clerk has now passed her probationary period and welcomed her to the established job. The next Parish Newsletter will be issued in time for the October Church and Village magazine and RB asked for all contributions to be in by 31st August.

10               Committee and Working Party Report

a)      Environment –The area around the Skate Park is soon to be flailed by

T. J. Austin’s. RB spoke to Clive Blower about putting up a Guide Plate to point the way to the Skate Park, Millennium Pond and other landmarks. This should come out of the Environment Fund. A sub-committee meeting with Rebecca Ridley and Clive Blower to discuss footpaths and maintenance of the Well House Meadow is to be organised by the end of September. JJ wishes to be invited. The County Council has offered a revised License to Cultivate the Lilac Close area, allowing suitable trees to be planted in place of the ones to be removed or cut back. JO proposed to go ahead, JC seconded. TA mentioned that the footpath opposite The Meadows has a broken back fence obstructing the pathway, which needs to be dealt with. A shrub planted on the corner of Butler Way is obscuring the sign and needs to be removed. The sign also needs repainting – FL to report all issues to Highways.

b)     Village Hall – J now has 3 quotes for refurbishment of the changing rooms and toilets and will discuss them with RH when he is back from holiday.

c)      Allottments – nothing to report

d)     Trumpington Meadows –nothing to report

e)      Play Area – Spica has now been delivered ready for installation. Tree stump by bin has crumbled and needs to be removed.

f)       Webiste & C&V – nothing new to report

g)      Tennis Club Planned Developments – The Tennis Club’s new 20 year lease, together with permission for a third court, is awaiting approval from Fields in Trust before signing. The Parish Council will pay the legal costs only. Fund raising by the Tennis Club combined with a grant from a grant provider (to be applied for by the Club) will cover the costs. JO suggested that we investigate whether VAT could be reclaimed through HPC.

h)     Parish Emergency Plan – a BT cable has been delivered for Village Hall base emergency communications but not yet installed.

i)        Skate Park – Quotes for the maintenance and clearance of the Skate Park area have been received and work on improving visibility into the site and repairing the equipment will start soon.

j)       Traffic Calming Measures –The latest official drawings of the Skanska highway improvements will soon be available to view on the website. Draft TROs are to be published by CCC next week for formal consultation. Work is expected to start in October or November 2014.

11               Correspondence – A letter is to be written to Springhall Farm requesting the removal of the Himalayan Balsam in the ditches alongside Barton Road. This is a rapid spreader and threatens to engulf native wildflower species. A survey on flooding is to be returned to the County Council with comments.

12               Council Procedures – Register of Interests – This was discussed and should be posted on the village website, according to the Localism Act. Clerk to circulate present register for checking by councillors before uploading.

13               Empowering Parish Councils to sell electricity – We currently receive a Feed-in Tariff Rebate. RB to speak to Fiona McMillan about legal issues

14               Bank of Cyprus Letters – Letters to be sent to ex signatories and the Bank of Cyprus informing them of new signatories and change of Parish Clerk.

15               Cycle Path from Haslingfield to Grantchester – The proposed Haslingfield to Grantchester cycle path is still under review and other options, including a Harston route, are being investigated.

16               Finance – Resolution to pay outstanding accounts. LH proposed, JO seconded.

Date of next meeting Monday 8th September 2014 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

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