Minutes of Parish Council meeting 14th April 2014


Minutes of meeting held on Monday 14th April 2014

Present – Bob Branch, Trina Backhurst, Julie Coxall, Lucian Hatfield, Jenny Jullien, Christine Kipping, Ron van der Hoorn, Sue Watson and Sebastian Kindersley were in attendance.  There were no members of the public present

1                    Apologies for absence – Robin Page, Tony Adcock, John Pym

2                    Declarations of interest – None

3                    Open Forum for public participation – no questions

4                    Minutes of the meeting held on March 10th were approved and signed after 3 amendments: The planning application for 16 Badcock Rd was recommended for refusal (not blank) due to overdevelopment of the site and inadequate parking; CK attended a meeting on Trumpington Meadows and the minutes were emailed to Councillors; RB sent the draft agreement (not lease) with the Tennis Club to Fields in Trust.

5                    Matters to be reported from these minutes – JJ will try to locate all the keys to the Village Hall before the next meeting.  Keys can only be duplicated on a letter of authorisation.

6                    County Councillors Report – The new Park & Ride charges will be going through as planned despite letters arguing against them. SK said this money raising was essential to cover costs and to enable the Council to continue to support needy causes, such as adult social care. CEMEX has undertaken to avoid rush hours use of the light railway at Barrington. They intend to pursue a planning application for housing on the old works site in May. The cycle path plans from Haslingfield to Grantchester are still under discussion and some Grantchester residents have reservations about cyclist using bridleways. The white lines on Harston Road have been done and the traffic calming measures design by Skanska is in hand.

7                    District Councillors Report – RP sent apologies for absence

8                    Planning Applications and Decisions

Revised designs for proposed 2 storey extension, new porch and alterations, 72A High Street, were returned with no recommendation

9                    Additional Matters for Discussion – LH raised the problem of the corner of New Road again – it is still boggy and too narrow for the buses to stop on if there is a parked car opposite.  This has been reported and we are awaiting action to erect bollards or a raised kerb from the County Highways. RB attended South Cambs Cabinet/Parish Councils Liaison Meeting.  There was concern that not enough housing is available to give people options to escape bedroom tax.  Government is also quadrupling charges for bailiffs.  Old historic documents of the Parish Council are to be archived.


10        Committee and Working Party Reports –

a)       Environment –The Millennium Pond is overgrown and needs clearing. An offer has been kindly received to spray the ivy on the Wellhouse Meadow walls.  Proposed JO seconded JJ. Any other offers of help to clear footpaths or do other necessary tasks in the Village will be gratefully received. A ‘Tidy up Haslingfield Day’ twice a year was suggested by RH

b)      Village Hall – RH has received only one quotation for work to renovate the Village Hall.  More quotes to be sought soon. No feedback as yet on the floodlights proposal.  2 disabled parking spaces to be made with 24 marked spaces in total.

c)      Allotments – The allotments are all occupied and drying out nicely.  A Working Party helped tidy up the site.  The new shed has been well received.

d)     Trumpington Meadows – CK had nothing to report.

e)      Play Area – JC to see catalogue options for new play equipment. There have been two suggestions for the Community Recreation Ground play equipment bequest from Freddie Gellert, a tree house or tree ladder for the 12+ age group and an outdoor table tennis area. More ideas are welcome before the next meeting.

f)       Website and C&V – The community is to be asked for ideas for community recreation.  Section 106 money can be used to install the new play equipment.

g)      Tennis Club – RB had a meeting with the tennis club. Modifications were agreed to the proposed lease. TA and RB to sign on behalf of HPC together with Management Committee of Tennis Club once lease is finalised. It was felt that the requested hours for floodlighting were longer than necessary.

h)      Parish Emergency Plan – TA asked for comments and forms were returned.

11           Annual Meeting – The Annual Meeting will be held on May 19th at the Village Hall at 7.30pm.  Peter Laws, Head of the Lower School at Comberton Village College, will be the speaker.  The College has links with the local Primary School and this should be an interesting and informative address.

12                Correspondence – There will be a 25 year celebration of the Little Theatre, on    Saturday 21st June, and permission was given for a moderately sized marquee to be put up on the Rec. by the hall, as was done some years ago.  A letter was written to Whippet complaining about the afternoon service to the Station. The bus has been going down Brooklands Ave to avoid delays and leaving some passengers stranded. This will be raised at the Bus Meeting on Wednesday 16th April.

13                Skate Park – The Skate Park noise issue has been reported to the police who   have spoken to the people involved. We are advised that there should be no need for parents to discourage their children from using the area, but please contact the police and email the Parish Clerk should further problems occur. TB suggested having an event or competition with prizes to encourage more village children to participate.

14                Planning for Annual Meeting – Brief reports to be put on people’s chairs.     Accounts to be presented by JJ and Reports to be given by SK and RP from the   County and District Councils. Open Forum for Public participation followed by   refreshments.  An address to be given by the Speaker.

15           Accounts: Parish and Village Hall – To be finalised before 5th May.  TA to      present HPC Accounts, JJ to present Village Hall accounts and copies handed out.

16           Briefing for April 16th Bus and Community Governance Review     Consultation Meeting – Apologies from CK and TA.

17           Play Area Annual Inspection – Quotes for undertaking repair work to be given at the next meeting.   

18           Reminder of Appointments at May HPC Meeting – List of appointments    allocating 14 sets of duties to councillors. Youth Club bus to be contacted to see if it will continue.

19           Footpaths Inspections – RB to provide forms.  Dog walkers to walk the footpaths to inspect and report any necessary action needed.  FB to email all councillors a list of walks to be undertaken.

20           Cycle Path from Grantchester to Haslingfield – The cycle path plans from Haslingfield to Grantchester are still under discussion and some Grantchester residents have reservations about cyclist using bridleways.

21           Finance – Outstanding accounts and salary cheques signed for payment:  JO proposed LH seconded.

Date of next meeting – Monday 12th May 2014 at 7.30pm in the Methodist Church (Village Hall in use by Little Theatre)

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