Christmas 1914

The Cambridge Chronicle posted a reassuring view of life in the trenches:

“Tommy at War – They lie in the slush of the trench bottom and discuss the merits of football players at home and argue which is the better team, and make bets which club will be at the top of the League and – and then they have a shot at the Germans and the Germans have a shot at them”.  (Please click ‘Read More’ below for more information).

Over 400,000 British and Empire troops received a Gift Box from Princess Mary. Driver Carter of Swavesey wrote home that

“I enjoyed Christmas very well, under the circumstances, for we had a football match in the afternoon. We also had a camp fire in the evening, and a sing-song, which the captain made up for us, so it was not so bad after all. We all had a nice present from Princess Mary … and also a photo of the King and Queen”.

Brian Sewell’s father, of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers, reported that he played in the famous football match with German troops. Widespread fraternisation along the Western Front was recorded. The severity of fighting after 1914 ensured that the experience was not repeated.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas.

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