The Future of Bourn Brook – Open Meeting

Bourne BrookBourne BrookBourne Brook-bmpDear all,
 I work for the Wildlife Trust with a focus at the moment on the Bourn Brook, which rises to the east of Eltisley and flows into the River Rhee (or Upper Cam) at Byron’s Pool, running through (or along the boundaries of) the parishes of  Eltisley,  Caxton,  Bourn,  Kingston,  Great Eversden,  Little Eversden,  Caldecote,  Toft,  Comberton,  Barton,  Harlton,  Haslingfield,  Grantchester and near to Cambourne.  We are holding an open meeting on Weds 5th February at Bourn Golf Club, 7pm-9.30pm to explain what’s been happening on the brook over the last few years, to listen to what people have to say and to find out whether anyone is interested in getting involved with looking after this local feature.  Everyone welcome.

This little watercourse has been the subject of interest of the Bourn Free Project, whose partners include the Wildlife Trust, the Countryside Restoration Trust, the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, the Cam Valley Forum, the Environment Agency, Cambridgeshire Mammal Group and local landowners.  At the meeting we plan to discuss wildlife, invasive species, pollution and flooding.  Please come to find out what’s been happening and have your say.   (Check us out on:
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