Superfast broadband

superfast_broadband      Superfast broadband

The good news is that the dark green cabinets in Lilac Close and School Lane providing superfast broadband have now been connected to the exchange in Harston by OpenReach.  This means that most people in Haslingfield can now enjoy a much higher speed when connecting to the internet using Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) technology which is known as fibre optic. The actual speed you can get will depend on where you live in the village and how far you are away from the green cabinets, with a claimed maximum speed of almost 38Mbps if you are very close. You may also need a new type of router called a VDSL router in your premises as the technology is different from the existing technology called ADSL broadband, which is used by most people.

You will need to contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if they offer the fibre broadband service in Haslingfield. There are already quite a few companies offering it. A good starting point will be here:  (note: Some may not offer the service until the end of September)

Ron van der Hoorn
Broadband Champion for Haslingfield

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  • Mikey Glenn


    Hi James, I have Ultrafast and if I stand near the router I get 300Mbps. This may sound a lot BUT I am paying for 1000Mbps, conveniently worded as ‘up to’… crafty.


  • James Roberts


    Just out of interest, those of you who have the new super fast broadband, what download speeds are you getting? I’ve just ordered mine and BT estimated it to be between 13 and 20 meg which is big a huge among faster than the 7 I’m getting now.


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