Haslingfield Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership

SPEP WestThank you to everyone who took part in the sustainable parish energy partnership projects last year in the village. We had a great turnout at our Energy Day and fantastic feedback from the Thermal Imaging surveys – hopefully it was all useful!

This year we are not running any events in the village, however SPEP is still operating across the district and everyone is welcome at neighbouring parish events! We can also still organise for residents to borrow and use various equipment from South Cambs, including Energy monitors and the NEW energy saving light bulb library all for FREE! Please click ‘Read More’ below for more info:


If you would like to access any more information on SPEP or borrow any of the equipment please contact Tom Clarke at tomnclarke@gmail.com.

To find out about SPEP events happening in other parishes and future ones in our own please either follow us on twitter @SPEP_westpatch or find us on facebook (www.facebook.com/westpatchSPEP).

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  • Tom clarke


    Hi Brian
    Unfortunately the thermal images are no where online, although a few are uploaded to the Facebook page mentioned in the article. I do however have a few uploaded on my PC from the surveys I conducted (unfortunately all the other ones had to be deleted of the memory card when the camera went back to south cambs). If you email me (tomnclarke@gmail.com) your address to remind me which house was yours I’ll have a look and see if I have any and can then email them to you, unfortunately again we had some slight technical difficulties which meant some didn’t save when we took them.



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