Faith To Live By

The next guest speaker in our Faith To Live By series of services at Haslingfield Methodist Church will be led by Revd Robert Dolman on Sunday 8th June 2014.  His address is entitled: ‘Primitive Physic and its Implications for Christian Lifestyle Today’.   The evening will involved a short service, and address, refreshments and an informal discussion.  Everyone welcome.

Magazines and newspapers today reflect our concern about our health, and we get lots of advice about our diet, exercise and general life style. It is not always appreciated that John Wesley was concerned about our bodies as well as our spiritual life; he had what we now call ‘an holistic vision.’ We shall examine some of his compassionate and practical ventures designed to help the poor, and his book of 1747 called PRIMITIVE PHYSIC or AN EASY AND NATURAL METHOD OF CURING MOST DISEASES. Some of his herbal and other remedies read rather quaintly today but there is also much sound common sense from which we can learn. Revd Robert Dolman has been a minister in the Cambridge Methodist Circuit since 2002 and is in pastoral charge at Toft and Dry Drayton. He was also Minister at Wesley Church, Cambridge from 1983 to 1993.

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