Barrington Cement Plans Published

The planning application by Cemex to build up to 220 houses on the site of the Barrington cement works is now in. You can see the details on the South Cambridgeshire District Council website here:

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At the time of writing, the associated plans and documents are not yet available on the website.

The consultation period for the planning application has now started, and will last for 8 weeks. This is longer than the period for normal applications, but this one has a huge amount of information. Barrington Parish Council will be organising a public meeting in early December. You will be able to give your opinion on the proposal by writing directly to South Cambs or at a consultation event.

Barrington Parish Council is coordinating an analysis of the application. They have identified several people with relevant specialist knowledge who will be helping them, but they are keen to hear about other people who might be able to help.

The main areas are:
– traffic analysis
– highways
– ecology
– geology
– archeology
– education
– planning policy
– urban planning
– sewerage
– water management
– community consultations

If you have some expertise in any of these areas, if you know someone who does or even if you are just keen to help out, please contact Aidan Van de Weyer via email:

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