Pies, Pies and Sausage rolls

Country Kitchen HalloweenCountry Kitchen has now been trading for six months and we’re still honing our product lines and growing our customer base. But one thing we do know for sure is that our best seller by a million miles are our sausage rolls, which we make on-site, followed closely by pies and then our quiches and other food cooked on-site.

Our Summer high-light has to have been supplying food for a film crew who was filming locally, and being told that Neil Morrissey thought our sausage rolls were ‘the best he’d ever tasted’. That one definitely made the tweets, and has featured on some advertising.

But getting back to pies…. Locally made Brampton pies are exceedingly good, popular and competitively priced, and have an increasing number of followers. Pork pies from Norfolk and Huntsman cutting pies, scotch eggs and pasties from Adams and Harlow in Spalding are popular as well. We’re investigating (and tasting – yum!) even more adventurous pies, including game pies and portions of mash and gravy as accompaniments. Look at our twitter feed for details….

The full web-site will be launched shortly, including the ability to pre-order pies, speciality bread and other popular goods to pick up on your way home, and work continues on our smartphone app which will enable you to do the same from your mobile.

Country Kitchen PumpkinsOn-site seasonal cooking is proving to be super popular. Didn’t we have the most fabulous Summer weather? In the hot weather, we tried to ensure a good selection of salads. Now that Autumn is finally setting in, the focus is more on soups. No matter what the weather, we always make large trays of lasagnes, moussakas or potato bakes which are sold by the portion(s). With the weather turning, we’re also experimenting with stews, to be sold by the portion(s).

Our fresh turkey from Black Barns is local (Meldreth) and consequently exceedingly fresh and a great price!  Recently we’ve started roasting turkey roll with prosciutto, to cut on the meat slicer – delicious and extremely popular. With Christmas approaching, please bear in mind that we’ll be taking orders for turkeys, as well as hams and gammons from our Norfolk supplier. Watch this space for an order form in which you can pre-order fruit, veg and cheese, our homemade Christmas pudding and mince pies, and some vegetarian options as well, helping to make your Christmas both more convenient and delicious.

We’re wondering whether there’s a demand for us to open for a few hours on a Sunday from 10h30 to 14h30 and would be interested to hear your feedback. Thank you for your continued support of the shop and so much positive feedback. Don’t ever feel the need to apologise if you’ve just come in for something tiny like an onion – that’s what we’re here for!

And finally…..we’re ramping up our tweets, to include information on what’s fresh out the kitchen, deliveries and special offers. Please follow us on @ckhaslingfield to be kept informed!

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