Minutes of Parish Council meeting 13th May


 Minutes of meeting held on Monday May 13th 2013

 Present –Tony Adcock, Bob Branch, Trina Backhurst, Lucian Hatfield, Jenny Jullien,  Christine Kipping, John Offord, Rebecca Ridley,  Ron van der Hoorn,

Sebastian Kindersley was in attendance

     There was one member of the public present

 1.        Election of Chairman – Bob Branch volunteered and was elected – nem con

  1. 2.        Election of Vice-Chairman – Rebecca Ridley volunteered and was elected – nem con
  2. 3.        Vacancy on Council – following the resignation of Wendy Timbs the vacancy is being advertised
  3. 4.        Apologies for absence – Julie Coxall

    5.     Members Declaration of Interest – JO re 22 Barton Road,  RR re letter from Headmaster

    6.     Open Forum –  No comments

   7.    Minutes of meeting held on April 8th were agreed and signed with one amendment – the posts were for the recreation ground Porkers Wildlife area and not Wellhouse meadow

       8.     Matters to be reported from these minutes – Footpath Inspections areas allocated

        Two letters of objection to Tennis Court floodlighting and additional court

       Letter circulated ref Football Stadium in Sawston

Proposed cycle path to Trumpington – no feedback from CCC or SCDC, RR and SK to chase

A meeting to be arranged with Camilla Haggett (CCC), Andrew Matthews (Grantchester PC) and

  RR to discuss the way forward

  Broad Lane signage is complete

  Jubilee Oak planting ceremony in Wellhouse Meadow went well

The pavement in School Lane has been restored following 3 weekends of  hard labour by a    volunteer group

 9.    Allocation of responsibilities

       Allotments                               RvdH

      Connections Bus                       CK

      Cycle Path                                 RR

      Emergency Plan                        TA

      Environment (2)                        RR & LH

      Finance                                      TB

      Grass Cutting                            JO

      Planning                                    JO

      Play Area and Skate park         JC

      Police Liaison                            TB

      Risk Assessment (2)                  TA & BB

      Road Safety                              BB

      Southern Fringe Community Meetings    CK

      Village Hall (2)                         JJ & RvdH

      Warden Scheme                        CK

      Website                                     LH

     10      Planning – S/0887/13/FL-front, side and rear extensions and alterations to existing dwelling,

          22 Barton Rd –  not recommended – 7 against with 2 abstentions

          S/0177/13/FL-2 storey front, rear and side extns with dormer windows, 8 Church St –


          Permission given by SCDC for 2 storey side extn and single storey rear extn 29 Chestnut Close

          and single storey extn to 5 Lilac Close

 11    Additional Matters for discussion – Digley Associates who carry out the play area inspections have gone out of business, replacement being sought.  A quote of £5,900 has been received to install a 10m bridge over the brook where the new cycle path will go

  12    County Councillors Report – following the recent elections no one party has overall control with the Leader losing his seat and 12 new UKIP members.  This may lead to a coalition.  It is hoped that the no 75 bus is safe for another 12 – 18 months as no action has yet been taken on the services planned to be withdrawn in April 2013.  CEMEX are trying to persuade SCDC that residential development would be suitable for their site.  Cambridgeshire has the lowest budget per pupil in the country and Haslingfield school has the lowest in the county!  It still manages to come top in the county SATS results

13    District Councillors Report – None

14   Committee and Working party Reports

 A – Environment – the trees along the boundary of Wellhouse manor and the Manor drive need pruning, and the tree stump covered in ivy near the kissing gate is collapsing.   The barb wire fence around the boundary should be removed.  A report to be prepared by the environment committee for the next meeting.  It is planned to install a simple bench by the riverside, a notice to go in C & V seeking donations.  The hedging around the new houses opposite the shop is dying, SCDC to be asked to contact the developers.  The first spraying last autumn on WH meadow Wildflower area did not work because of the weather.  The first one this year is working and two more are due.  Work recommended by Rob Mungovan (Ecology Officer SCDC) has been quoted at £198 + VAT, this was agreed.

 B – Pavilion  –  it was decided that one name should be used for the Village (Hall, Centre, Pavilion)  c/f to next meeting.  The name on the side of the building is (Village Hall/Pavilion)

 C- Highways Safety measures – There has been agreement from all surrounding villages to work towards a 40mph limit on the approaches to their villages.  The police are due to carry out traffic surveys and costings from Karen Lunn at CCC are awaited.

 D – Allotments  – One vacant plot is available.  The composting area has been moved

The request to erect a glasshouse instead of a shed on two plots was agreed toughened glass to be used and the same dimensions kept to as agreed for the sheds.

 E – Trumpington Meadows –.Barratts are confirmed as the developers for phase two housing.  The keys to the new school will be handed over  in a few weeks, with occupation in September.  There will be no use of the community areas until September.  Barratts are not keeping the Community officer up to date with details of new residents.

 F – Play Area – no problems

 G- Website – a decision needs to be made about the administration of the website and how it should develop.  The minutes of the meeting in 2010 to be consulted as to how it was agreed to set it up.  This item c/f to next meeting

 15     Correspondence  – letter from William Harrold re council elections- system explained to him

List of crimes committed in Haslingfield in the last year – circulated

Letter from Ann Ellis re- dogs on the recreation ground- new signs are going up this week

– ownership of Recreation Ground – to be researched

– tennis court lighting and additional court – objection

Letter from Ophelia Redpath re Road safety and traffic speed on Harston Rd-Roger Scott has spoken to her and explained the action being taken

 Proposed Pedestrian Access to Haslingfield School – HPC agreed nem con to support the school in 

  their application

 16    Arrangements for Annual Meeting on 20th May – arrive at 7pm to set up room

RefreshmentsCK and RvdH

 17   Insurance renewal – a 5% discount has been negotiated as HPC holds Quality Council    status.  A further 5% reduction can be secured if HPC agrees to stay with AON for three years.  This was agreed if payments can be made on an annual basis.

 18     Finance – Presentation of Accounts for 2012-2013

 The balance of the Haslingfield and Harlton Youth Club Bus Project £2,108 778p has been transferred to HPC account following the winding up of the group

The annual audited accounts were circulated

 Resolution to pay outstanding accounts proposed by JO seconded by RR

 Date of next meeting Monday June 10th at 7.30 pm in the Village Centre







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  • william


    Lauren, This is a response from the Parish Council Chairman Bob Branch.
    “This was reported some time ago and after holding a site meeting with the Parish Council the manufacturer is making replacements for the damaged sections of the slide. People keep removing the warning tapes as soon as they are put in place. They will be replaced yet again”

    E-mail rebranch@btinternet.com


  • william



    I have just forwarded your comment to the Parish Clark by email.



  • Lauren Cragg


    I’m not sure how to report a problem but there are two large holes in the big slide on the playground making children unable to safely slide. It’s been like this for at least a week with no netting or tape so assume it’s not been reported. Can someone have a look at this please? Thanks


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