glider1Haslingfield is fortunate in being only 20 minutes from one of the country’s premier gliding clubs, and we have several village residents who are club members.
Gliding is a form of flight that is both beautiful and exciting.  Nothing can quite match the thrill of flying silently, giving a birds-eye view over the surrounding countryside of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and beyond.  Gliders from Gransden Lodge Airfield often fly two or three hundred miles on a good day.
Gliding is a sport that is genuinely open to all; the club has members who learn to fly from the age of 14, through to those glider2who take up the sport on retirement.  It’s an exciting and sociable way to learn to fly, and it’s a sport which provides an opportunity to keep on learning.  Having said that, it’s not difficult –  if you can drive a car, you can almost certainly learn to fly a glider.  Training is available during the day on seven days a week in the summer, and on several evenings.
If you are at all interested in learning, we’d love to see you at the club to have a look round.  Give us a call on 01767 677077 and say when you’d like to come; then we’ll arrange someone to meet you.  See www.glide.co.uk for more details.


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