Easter in Haslingfield

Remarkably little is recorded as happening at Easter in the Haslingfield of former times. There are no stories around Easter in the ‘Haslingfield Chronicle’. Can anyone out there throw a light on any regular Eastertime activity in the past in the village?

Little seems to have happened at the school, either. There was an Area Music Festival held around Maundy Thursday after 1967, but that seems to have been it. The holiday up until about 1920 consisted only of Good Friday, Easter Monday and sometimes the Tuesday.After 1920 it rose to two weeks, and after 1946 it varied between 3 and 3 and a half weeks, which at least meant that essential repairs to the school could be carried out during the holiday. Does anyone have any memories of what happened in school at Eastertime in the first half of the 20th century?

Incidentally, those of you complaining about the cold spring will not be heartened by reports of heavy snow in the village on 13th April 1876 and on 11th April 1924!

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