Service of Prayer & Reflection

 candleA service for Haslingfield, Harston and The Eversdens to remember loved ones who have died will take place in Harlton Parish Church on Thursday 31st October at 7.30pm.  During the service there will be an opportunity to hear the names of people you have loved who have passed away.   There will also be a time for candles to be lit to remember those people, followed by a period of quiet reflection.   All are welcome to this service.

If you would like someone mentioned in the service, please contact Derek and Jennie Tombs (01223 263705) or David Lewis (01223 874029) so that their names can be included. If you are unable to come to the service, please let us know of anyone you would like to be named and have a candle lit for, and be assured that this will take place.

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