Waiting List for Popular Allotments

Haslingfield Allotments are so popular, there’s still a waiting list. This and many other issues were discussed at their recent committee meeting. The next meeting is on 30th April, more details are in the calender here. Details of next Working Party Day here. More details of the recent committe meeting are below…


Minutes of committee meeting held on Monday 6 February 2012

In attendance: Jon Spain, Ron Van Der Hoorn, Rebecca Korb, Dick Kingshott, Rod Journeaux and Nick Tudor.

Apologies for absence: Christine Kipping.

Minutes of Last meeting. Agreed.

Treasurer’s report. Current balance  £1,267.26. Money out:  insurance £159, affiliation fees £66. Money in: rent £609, interest £0.59. Manure club: current balance £12.70. Purchase of wheelbarrows. Ron to purchase three (@£75). Agreed.

Secretary’s Report. Letters of indemnity handed out to committee members. Question of Occupiers Liability under the 1957 and 1984 Acts: legal advice from the NSALG.  As ‘occupiers’ of the site tenants are required to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard the welfare of visitors to the site, whether they be ‘legal’ (invited) or trespassing. To this end the officers will carry out a risk assessment of potential hazards and notify tenants of any actions they need to take. In addition signs will be erected at the main entrance and at the turning point warning the public of potential hazards. Furthermore, tenants must accompany any friends they invite to the site and take special care of children. Secretary to contact Joseph Kennedy re delivery of organic waste from his local brewery business, asking him to place this at the manure site near the turning corner.

New Tenants/Waiting List. Emilene Gibson has taken plot 25 in place of Mr and Mrs Keogh who gave up the site.  Helmut Segelke/Judith Arnold to be offered plot 4 in late March. Zafer Boz of Harston and Sophie and Shaun Whiffen, of Haslingfield are on the waiting list.

Site Development. Ron and Jon had met with Bill Grain who has agreed to come along and remove stumps in the spring once the ground has hardened up. A working party date has been set for Saturday 25 Feb, from 10am on, to have bonfires of the existing combustible waste. Ron to send Bill’s email to secretary to confirm arrangements. Secretary and Chair to write email to SCDC partnership officer re grant application to the Community Chest.

AOB.  Beki Korb will set up a discount seed purchasing club with Marshalls for allotment tenants. Beki will email tenants with details in due course. This is a very flexible scheme which will allow tenants to order online as members of the club, paying direct. Seeds are then sent together in individually marked packets to Beki for collection. Village Fete organisation. The committee decided not to open the site for visitors since it was felt very few would attend because of the distance from the village. Question of a stall at the fete to be considered. According to the constitution our AGM must be held annually in November – not December as happened last year. Please note that when digging edges of their plots tenants must not encroach on the paths. Dangerously narrow paths will be one of the issues to be examined by the risk assessment.

Date of Next Meeting. Monday 30 April.

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