Parish Council Meeting 9th January 2012

Minutes of meeting held on Monday January 9th 2012

Present –Marjorie Richardson (in the chair),  David Blake, Martin Heazell, Ray Jack, Margaret Long, Olga Murkin, John Offord, Wendy Timbs , John Wheelhouse

District Coun Liz Heazell, County Coun Sebastian Kindersley and the Clerk were in attendance


    There were 3 members of the public present


1      Apologies for absence – Christine Kipping and Lucian Hatfield

2      Members Declaration of Interest – None


    3      Open Forum – The owner of 12 Trinity Close gave information for the planning application


   4       Update on Trumpington Meadows – Nothing to report since the last meeting


   5       Minutes of meeting held on December 12th were agreed and signed, prop by JW seconded by WT


6      Matters to be reported from these minutes –

Investigation into laying of paving slabs at no 25 Church St – this is being dealt with by the enforcement officer.  The red caravan parked in Back Lane has now disappeared

Dog waste bin at Porker’s Lane – decided not to proceed on grounds of cost           


7         Planning – S/2390/11 erection of detached garage, 4 River Lane – no   recommendation

S/2144/11 – Erection of agricultural buildings for use as grain store, drying and handling and associated works Cantelupe Farm – recommended

S/2543/11 Extension to 12 Trinity Close – recommended

Permission refused by SCDC for extension and alterations to 6 Church Way


8         Additional Matters for discussion  –  Final list of street names for TM has been circulated

Overhanging tree branch in Back lane has not been removed

Manhole covers in New Rd are causing a hazard

The footpath near Sydney Gardens needs attention

The drain in the footpath near The Manor gates has sunk and the rainwater is not flowing away

Local organisations to be contacted ref Jubilee celebrations, WT to contact the headmaster

MR has drafted a notice for C & V relation to the forthcoming elections in May.  It was suggested that this should also go on the web site with an application form which could be downloaded Clerk to check if this is legal



9    County Councillors Report – Work should commence on the old railway bridge on the Haslingfield

       to Barton Road in March 2012.  The contractors may start setting up their compound in February.

       Applications are invited from people with a Barrington connection for affordable homes being built

       in Barrington.  High Speed Broadband – project officers advise that in February a formal demand

       registration service will start that will include direct community involvement via Parish Councils.

       A speedy, collective and robust response will be required to this questionnaire as soon as we receive

       it.  Direct contact with BT or other providers can only add to the pressure


10     District Councillors Report – The Royal British Legion cup for the most improved poppy

         collection has been awarded to Haslingfield.  The cup will be received by Helen Pemberton and

         Liz Heazell.  Redundancies at SCDC were announced in the Cambridge News before members of 

         the council had been informed.


11     Committee and Working party Reports

A – Environment  – Meeting between environment committee and ACRE rep on 5.1.11 on Clock Meadow.  Advice given on applying for grant and forms will be sent

Rob Mungovan (Ecology Officer) sees potential for developing a wildlife area for birds behind the container on the recreation ground.  Teasels would be useful in attracting small woodland birds either side of the stream, brambles will deter people but not birds. MH has had discussions with Cambs ACRE re the Queen Elizabeth 11 Field scheme, which HPC is eligible to apply for.  This would apply to the recreation ground and would provide protection in perpetuity against any development.   It is likely that a grant of £400 may be forthcoming to erect a fence around part of the millennium pond.

B – Pavilion  –  One quote has been received for the relaying of slabs in front of the pavilion, two more will be obtained.  The blue bin at the village hall will be emptied weekly in future.  There have been no applications for the post of caretaker at the hall

C – Allotments – No report


12            Correspondence

South Cambs Art Award – each parish council is invited to make a single nomination for this award by February 29th.  Presentations will take place on 28th March at Swavesey Village College

Nominations to the Clerk asap

It has been requested that consideration is given to the removal of the grass verge in Fountain Lane and the footpath widened.  Many buggies and wheelchairs have to use the road as the path is not wide enough.  The hedge has grown a lot along this path which also reduces the width of the path – CCC Highways to investigate


13            Grass Cutting Contract – this is up for renewal and the revised contract will be sent out to tender by the end of the week


14            Attendance at meetings –It was noted that historically there were few volunteers to attend meetings [the Clerk attending for continuity] members were asked to consider attending.

Dates of next meetings –

Community Health and Well Being Group meeting 1.30 Jan 17th at Trumpington Pavilion – WT

Wednesday 18th January SF Community Forum at CPDC Foster Road – JW

Thursday 9th February 7pm at Trumpington Village Hall – presentation on Grosvenor’s  proposals to build a community stadium, sports village and Police station – JW

Gamlingay Police Panel – Thursday January 19th in Haslingfield Village Hall – MR


15            Salary review – it was agreed that the Clerk and Roy Brown should be given a pay rise from 1.1.12 to the next point on the incremental scales


16            Distribution of remaining 13 x 30mph stickers – these should be distributed to houses in Church St between Harlton Road and New Road


17            Date of April meeting  April 11th proposed in the Methodist Chapel


18            Precept request – budget circulated and total agreed


19            Finance – Resolution to pay outstanding accounts proposed by JO seconded by OM


20            The council unanimously authorised the change of bank account signatories to include David Blake and remove David Slight


Date of next meeting Monday February 13th 2012 at 7pm.  The meeting will be preceded by a presentation on the Emergency Plan by Lawrence Green from SCDC

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