Minutes for the Parish Council meeting held on 12th March 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                HASLINGFIELD  Minutes of meeting held on Monday March 12th 2012


Present –Marjorie Richardson (in the chair),  Lucian Hatfield, Martin Heazell, Ray Jack, Christine Kipping, Margaret Long, Olga Murkin, John Offord, Wendy Timbs , John Wheelhouse

District CouncillorLiz Heazelland County Councillor Sebastian Kindersley were in attendance

    There was one member of the public present


1      Apologies for absence – David Blake

2      Members Declaration of Interest – ML – White Lines


    3      Open Forum – Rebecca Ridley asked for the support of the Parish Council in developing part of the Wellhouse Meadow into a biodiversity area with wild flowers etc.  This proposal was welcomed.  Rebecca to come back with a firm proposal

4        Minutes of meeting held on January 9th were agreed and signed with two amendments –

a)                      item 4 ‘ to discuss a co-ordinated response Grosvenor’s proposal’ to replace wording at the end of the last bullet point

b)                      item 6 JO and JW to investigate plans for15 New Road


5        Matters to be reported from these minutes – A replacement road sign will be erected on 12.3.12 onChapel Hill.  The hedges need cutting on both sides ofChapel Hill.  The Clerk to contact Andrew Klose and EDF.  The warning signs need replacing at the clunch pit onChapel Hill.  The following repairs have been ordered – 2 manholes inNew Road – the road depression near toChurch St junction withNew Rd and the low gully drain opposite the Chapel entrance

JW and JO have investigated plans for15 New Rd, MR will now write to Jean Hunter

Co-ordinated response to Grosvenor’s proposals to construct a football stadium at Trumpington Meadows – 6 Parish Councils have been contacted by JW and 5 have replied.  A meeting to be arranged to discuss plans JW and MR to attend the Clerk to take notes.

Diamond Jubilee Gifts – no more information


6        Planning – S/0410/12/FL – Remedial works toHaslingfieldRailwayBridge – no recommendation

Permission granted by SCDC for  S/2144/11 erection of grain store at Cantelupe Farm

Appeal by Mrs C French against refusal of planning permission for alterations to6 Church Way

Letter sent to the inspectorate suggesting alterations to plans       

7    Additional Matters for discussion  – The crime level in the village is rising with several domestic burglaries.  The locks at the Methodist Chapel and the Village Hall were super glued overnight of March 3rd.  Police patrols are being increased.  Anotice asking residents to be vigilant will appear in C & V.  Any Jubilee events attracting more than 100 people need to be registered.  The Chief Constable Simon Parr is to be asked to speak following the Annual Meeting on May 28th


9    County Councillors Report –SCDC are not increasing their take from the council tax having

        accepted the Council Tax Freeze Grant equivalent of 2.5% from the Government.  However the

        CCC has refused the grant and upped council tax bills by 2.95%.  The CCC has also agreed to

        borrow large sums of money to spend on the roads £90m,  £29m on the Ely by-pass and £25m on

        land for Northstowe.  500 SCDC properties are having solar PV installations including some in

        Haslingfield, Harlton andBarrington.  The police have launched an operation following more than

        200 burglaries in rural Hunts andSouth Cambsin the past 4 months.  Extra patrols are operating.

Bus subsidies are to be axed by CCC in 2013, there is still time to organise a survey in the village and galvanise support against this.  CCC has received proposals from CEMEX to remove certain parts of the cement works plant as the company are now moving from the original mothballing state to an early stage of decommissioning .  With plans now in for the strengthening of the old railway bridge onBarton Road, there is still time to campaign for a cycle path to be constructed on one side of the bridge.


10     District Councillors Report – a grant could be available from SCDC towards anotice board to be

         erected at the end of Trinity Close.  The early morning bus from Haslingfield regularly has 17 – 20

         passengers, therefore the introduction of a mini bus service would be inadequate.  All SCDC

         committee meetings are now being held at Cambourne and no members of the public are attending,

        although all meetings are open to the public. Various local catering firms are being looked at for the

        catering at the new primary school in Trumpington Meadows.


11     Committee and Working party Reports


A – Environment  – 3 Japanese cherry trees have been planted in the locations agreed.

Quotes have been received to carry out the work near the river suggested by Rob Mungovan, and reducing the height and tidying the two Lime trees facingBroad Lanein the dog free section of Wellhouse Meadow – these are in a dangerous condition.  Cheapest quotes are £225 forRiver Laneand £440 for the Limes. SCDC Tree officer will be consulted about the limes which are in a conservation area also the following :-

a) the tree trunk leaning against the right hand pillar of the Manor gates, as this is pushing against the wall and may result in the wall collapsing – Lee Hughes is happy with this

b)  the trees either side of the Chapel Wall half way between the two seats, as the roots are pushing the soil up either side of the wall and causing pressure on the wall


B – Pavilion  – Money raised at ‘Tea at the Ritz’ £1320, will be put towards purchasing new chairs for the village hall.  Work should commence on the paving slabs on Monday 19th March

Quotes are being obtained for a new boiler.


C – Allotments – the original public safetynotice has been amended.  The insurers have been consulted.  Bill Grain is to be asked to clear the waste land.  The water rates are now due


     11     Correspondence

  Replacement speed stickers for wheelie bins are to be issued by SCDC

  Diana Offord is requesting permission to use Wellhouse meadow for the Jubilee Picnic on   

  Saturday June 2nd,also for a contribution towards the cost of  portable toilets – agreed


Dates of next meetings –


Invite for two people to attend presentations of SCAMBS Art Awards on 28th March from 7 – 10pm atSwaveseyVillageCollege – JO and L Hatfield will attend

Thursday 29th March –  Invite for two people to attend the next Parish Council Liaison meeting from 7.00 – 8.30pm at Cambourne  – WT and RJ



12                Emergency Plan – MR will complete the form and return


13                Election May 3rd 2012 – Application forms were distributed


14                Report on Southern Fringe workshop  CK and MR – 2.3 12 – report to be circulated


15                Horse Riding on footpath – MH and the Clerk met with Peter Gaskin (CCC) on 22.2.12.  The footpath was dry with one slightly muddy patch.  It was considered that the footpath was in good order for a country footpath


16                White lines on road – it has been proposed that a single white line be painted on the road in front of the 4 houses affected by school parking.  This was carried with one abstention.  Residents will be consulted  The cost will be £103 per drive paid by the Parish Council.


17     Funding for local requests  – Minor Highways Improvements – L Hatfield volunteered to address the CCC members panel in April in support of HPC request for flashing signs inBarton Rd and around the school


18      Investment of General Fund – c/f to April meeting


  19      Finance – Resolution to pay outstanding accounts proposed by WT seconded by JW



Date of next meeting Wednesday April 11th 2012 at 7pm in the Methodist Chapel.  The meeting will be preceded by a presentation by Jo Mills and colleagues from SCDC


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