Agenda for the Parish Council meeting 10th December



Chairman, John Wheelhouse                                                              

Elizabeth Cottage, 1 The Knapp                                                          

Haslingfield      870529                                                                       

Clerk     Janet Hendy                                                                         

Highfield Farm,School Lane

Haslingfield   870270

There will be a meeting of Haslingfield Parish Councilin the Village Hall on Monday December 10th 2012 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the following business.  Members of the Public and Press are invited to address the Council at the Open Forum.  


1         Apologies for absence

2         Members Declaration of interest for items on the agenda

3         Open Forum for Public Participation

4         To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting of November 12th 2012

5         Matters to be reported from these minutes

6         Confirmation of decisions made since last meeting

7         Planning applications and decisions–S/2368/12/FL-Loft Conversion 34 Cantelupe Rd

8         Additional matters for discussion

 9         County Councillors Report

10         District Councillors Report                                        

11         Committee and Other Meeting Reports

a    Environment –

b    Pavilion – refurbishment of cloakrooms and kitchen

c    Allotments

d    Trumpington Meadows

12         Correspondence  

13         Preparations for the Public Meeting on December 13th

14        Planting of memorial oak tree on the Recreation Ground   

15         Highways Maintenance

16         Website

17         Finance – precept for 2013/14

Resolution to pay outstanding accounts

      Salaries – Clerk, Roy Brown, Alan Stevens

     Date of next meeting Monday January 9th 2013 in the Pavilion at 7.30pm

     Janet Hendy  Parish Clerk  

     December 4th 2012

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