Parish Council Minutes of meeting held on Monday September 12th 2011

Present –Marjorie Richardson (In the chair), Lucian Hatfield, Martin Heazell, Christine Kipping, Margaret Long,Olga Murkin, John Offord, Wendy Timbs , John Wheelhouse

District Councillor Liz Heazell and County Coun. Sebastian Kindersley were in attendance

There were no members of the public present


1      Apologies for absence – David Blake

2      Members Declaration of Interest – None

3      Open Forum – None

4       Update on Trumpington Meadows – application received to discharge planning conditions on phase 1 of Barrett’s housing.  Work is imminent on the access road.  SCDC planners are discussing outstanding matters relating to the school with a view to reporting this back to the JDCC on October 6th

Some answers provided to questions asked at the joint meeting with SCDC on September 7th (To be circulated).  Jean Hunter is working towards the next meeting.

5      Minutes of meeting held on August 8th were agreed and signed, propOM by seconded by WT    

6    Matters to be reported from these minutes –

Grant application for Royston & District community transport – to be discussed with Janet Reinemann

Wire mesh has been removed from under the cycle racks at Play Area and Village Hall

Trees cut back around Badcock Memorial

Mr Wooldridge has offered to cut branch back on tree inSchool Lane/Back Lane

Details of plaque to be attached to memorial seat – wording was agreed

Update from Dennis Vacher – all outstanding work to be completed by the end of the month

Complaint against closure ofBack Lane– an apology has been received, and procedures will be reviewed

 7       Planning – letter from Mrs Poulter – to be circulated

Permission granted by CCC for the importation by rail of suitable restoration material over a period of 5 years for Barrington Quarry

8          Additional Matters for discussion

Skate park damage and closure – J O will discuss with Roy Brown

Street names for Trumpington Meadows – agreed

Painting lines on step at the back of the pavilion – agreed

Tractor at Cantelupe Farm brought down power cables on 22.August

Willow tree behind the bus shelter at Lilac Close needs attention

Repairs to Play Area equipment – awaiting new quote

An extra dog waste bin has been requested for the top of Porker’s lane – a survey of bins to be

carried out

Footpath at the end ofCantelupe Rdneeds repairing

Fencing panels are falling over onto the footpath from the back ofCollege Crescent

Plans to be checked for Wisbey’s Yard and Tudor Meadows for any deviations, check when hedging is due to be planted around Wisbey’s yard, and request that weeds are removed and black polythene is laid.

9          County Councillors Report – CCC intends to pursue superfast broadband provision in rural Cambridgeshire, cost approx £20m. This project is at an early stage.  Work should commence on the old railway bridge between Haslingfield and Barton at the end of the year.  There is a campaign afoot to get funding for the remaining dualling of the A428 from Caxton Gibbet to St Neots.  This should reduce rat running through Waresley, Gamlingay and the surrounding aareas.  This would be cheaper than the A14 proposals and would take a good deal of traffic off the A14.  Any reports on problems with the Guided Bus would be welcomed, as a lot of tax payers money has gone into this project and so there is an extra reason to get it right.  Do you have or do you know someone who owns a flat or house inSouth Cambs which is long term empty?  Nearly 1,000 homes are empty and there are 4,800 families waiting for housing.  King St Housing Society are piloting a grant scheme to provide financial assistance to help bring back long term empty properties.  SCDC has produced a booklet dealing with all Community Transport schemes.  Traditionally theu were used to take older people ro hospital etc, but now will take almost anybody anywhere.  Copies of the booklet are available from SCDC website or from the Post Office from the end of the month.  The Government has launched the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme to help householders across the country with funding towards the cost of installing renewable heating systems.  Management of the scheme will be undertaken by the Energy Saving Trust.

Tel 0800 512 012.  A Parent Conference is being held on Thursday 20th October from 9.30 – 3.00pm at the Corn Exchange, St Ives.  There will be several speakers on a variety of topics.  The event is open to all parents, carers and workers who want to work together to improve services for families in Cambridgeshire.  Phone 0751 741,9761 to book a ticket.

A new district council is planned based at St Neots,  Haslingfield will remain in SCDC.

A date has now been agreed for a meeting about the No 75 bus.  The guided bus has taken 2% of the traffic off the A14

10     District Councillors Report – A new Health and Well Being Board is to be set up, 3 or 4 County

Councillors will be sitting on it but only 1 district councillor to represent all the county.  Complaints about parking on the corner of Fountain Laneand The High St have been received.  LH is looking into this.  SCDC are considering taking out a loan to buy all council houses, the rents would then be used to build new houses.  The new textile bin is still not in the correct place, this is to be investigated.

   11     Committee and Working party Reports

A – Environment  – No meeting

B – Pavilion  –  covers for gang mowers stolen.  Possible 5% increase in letting fees from next year.  The football pitch lines have been filled in and are to be reseeded.  F Lawes is leaving the village and a new caretaker is required from the beginning of November

C – Allotments – No Meeting

12      Correspondence – Invite to SCDC Open Day, Friday 7th October 9.30 – 4.30pm

AGM of Cambs ACRETuesday 27th September, Burgess Hall, St Ives, 5.30-8.30pm

SCDC Parish Liaison Meeting Wednesday 28th September 2 places available – JW

RHS invitation to join ‘Britainin Bloom’ competition – to be circulated

Letter fromAngela Taylorre school parking

Letter from Ray Jack thanking the Parish Council for meeting him and giving suggestions for Skate park

SCDC – Disability Forum – details to be circulated

13      Co-option of New Parish Councillor – Ray Jack was co-opted


14       Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations – an article to be inserted in C & V  

  15       Funding for local requests – JW to consult with Brian Stringer

  16       Finance – Resolution to pay outstanding accounts proposed by  JO  seconded by LH



    Date of next meeting Monday October 10th 2011


















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