Parish Council Meeting December 12th 2011

Minutes of the meeting held on December 12th 2011

Present –Marjorie Richardson (in the chair),  Lucian Hatfield, Ray Jack, Christine Kipping, Margaret Long, Olga Murkin, John Offord, Wendy Timbs , John Wheelhouse

District Councillor Liz Heazell was in attendance


    There were 2  members of the public present


1      Apologies for absence –Martin Heazell, Sebastian Kindersley


2      Members Declaration of Interest – None


    3      Open Forum – None


   4       Update on Trumpington Meadows – concern was expressed about decisions being made by SCDC without consultation with HPC.  There was no action plan and no framework.  It was decided to send a formal letter to Jo Mills asking SCDC to underwrite all costs incurred by HPC in the administration of TM, and to keep HPC better  informed.  MR had attended a meeting of Insite Arts.  Photographs of artists work were inspected and four artists were selected for interview in January.  One will be selected as the artist responsible for work in TM.  LH reported that there was no funding for Trumpington Residents Association from the City Council.  John Pym has promised to keep HPC informed of happenings at meetings between SCDC and Grosvenor Estates and Barrett Homes.


5    Minutes of meeting held on November 14th were agreed and signed, prop DB  seconded by WT


6        Matters to be reported from these minutes –

Investigation into laying of paving slabs at no 25 Church St – this is being dealt with by the enforcement officer

Grass Cutting around Wisbey’s yard, quote received of £50 per annum – this will be refunded by Granta Housing Society

HPC’s letter concerning the Deregulation of schedule 1 of the licensing Act has been acknowledged

30 mph stickers distributed to residents of Barton Road

Bid submitted to CCC on behalf of HPC for two flashing signs in Barton Road, and two in the area of the school, plus single white lines across the entrances to no 1 and no 12 High St

No more information on 15 New Rd – letter to Jo Mills saying we are dissatisfied with the situation



7        Planning – S/2390/11 erection of detached garage, Huddlestones, River Lane – more information required

S/1806/11 – Amended plans for 26 New Road – recommended

Permission granted by SCDC for extension to dwellings 3, 4, 5 College Crescent



   8    Additional Matters for discussion  – there has been a break in at the tennis court with tennis balls

         being scattered.  Notices are on both boards about Christmas waste and recycling collections.

         Enquiries have been made about the solar panels which are to be fitted on the Village Hall

          Several pot holes around the village need reporting to CCC Highways

         Enquiries to be made about the red caravan parked in Back Lane

         Soil being delivered  to the Manor is causing an obstruction at the end of Broad Lane

        The enforcement officer is dealing with additional caravans being kept at the site in Barton Road

        The hedge around the Wisbey’s Yard development due to be planted in the autumn has not been

        planted yet


   9    County Councillors Report – no report


10     District Councillors Report – Parking in Fountain Lane has improved

         The wall built at the rear of 62 High St is not according to the plans – enforcement officer is dealing

         There have been 7 house burglaries in the village in the last week usually between 4.30 and 6pm

         The Govt are building lots of new houses and are selling off council houses at 50% below market

         Price.  This does not provide sufficient income for new build in SCAMBS. This is being questioned

         with the Govt.  LH to arrange for the officer from SCDC responsible for section 106 payments to

         come to the January meeting


11     Committee and Working party Reports


A – Environment  – Jubilee oak tree planted in Wellhouse Meadow, it is much larger than expected.  It has been protected with wire against munjac.

Application has been submitted to Cambs ACRE for funding to create a river reserve and river enhancement involving Clock Holt at Harston end of the village.

A map showing three footpaths around the village was approved.


B – Pavilion  –  The paving slabs at the front of the hall are to be re laid.  An accident book is maintained by the committee, and there is public liability insurance in excess of £5m.  A caretaker to replace Freddie Lawes is being sought


C – Allotments –  The AGM has taken place and the minutes will be circulated.  There are 33 tenants with just under a third joining in the last year.  All available plots are now occupied.  Better management of the water butts is required also the compost bays.  The manure club is going well!  The current balance is £1,483.  A new committee was elected.  Plans were discussed for developing the site


12            Correspondence – Street Lights are due to be replaced but not for some time.  HPC decided to keep the existing lights rather than fund new ones.


13      Additional dog waste bin at Porker’s Lane – cost quoted £456, emptying cost £3 per week.  LH to investigate this


  14      Parking on pavement – problems have been solved


  15      Report on Southern Fringe Health and Well Being Committee – as from January 2012 this

      group will merge with the children and families sub group.  The new web site will be launched on

      1st February 2012, this will give information on all aspects of the development, including progress

      on building, welcome pack information etc.  Three history trails around the site are nearing   

      completion.  An action plan is to be developed for pre-occupation and post-occupation of houses,   

      this will be a main agenda item for the January meeting.

Dates of next meetings –

Wednesday 18th January SF Community Forum at CPDC Foster Road

Thursday 9th February 7pm at Trumpington Village Hall – presentation on Grosvenor’s  proposals to build a community stadium and sports village on Haslingfield Land

Next Community Health and Well Being Group meeting 1.30 – 3.30pm January 17th at Trumpington Pavilion


A Parish Council representative is invited to attend the sub group meetings- c/f to January meeting




    17       Finance – Resolution to pay outstanding accounts proposed by CK   seconded by JO


Section 106 payment received for Watson’s Yard  £34,292.39


Precept  requests for grants received from


Warden Scheme                                  £1,500.00        as 2011/12

Connections Bus                                 £2,250.00        increase of £250

Scarecrow Festival 2012                     £1,000.00        as 2010

            Church                                                            £   300.00        as 2010


These were all agreed nem con


Date of next meeting Monday January 9th 2012 at 7pm



















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