Minutes of meeting held on Monday July 11th 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                HASLINGFIELD  Present –Marjorie Richardson (In the chair), David Blake,Lucian Hatfield, Martin Heazell, Christine Kipping, Margaret Long, John Offord, Wendy Timbs , John Wheelhouse

District CouncillorLiz Heazell and County Councillor Sebastian Kindersley were in attendance

There were 4   members of the public present

1      Apologies for absence –Olga Murkin


2      Members Declaration of Interest – None


    3      Open Forum – no comments


4      Minutes of meeting held on June 13th were agreed and signed, prop JW by seconded by WT


5        Matters to be reported from these minutes –  Verge and footpath have been restored outside no 34 Cantelupe Rd.  Work has resumed on the vicarage wall, a report has been received.  Conservation Dept at SCDC to be contacted with details.  A meeting will take place on July 12th with CCC Highways.  A letter was sent to the residents of20 High St concerning parking, no reply has been received and the problem continues.

One application has been received for the vacancy on the Parish Council

Councillor Rick Bristow and Councillor Simon Martin have been elected to the SCDC Standards Committee


6            Planning – S/0048/11/F – appeal by Mr and Mrs Miekle against refusal of planning permission

for site at 41 Chestnut Close – previous comments to be reinforced

C/11/40/045 – Tree work at1 Broad Lane- recommended

Permission granted by SCDC for  replacement conservatory at16 Badcock Rd: addition of pitched roof on existing flat roof outbuilding (retrospective) at27 Church St; Extension (Application to extend the time limit for implementation)7 Moss Drive


7            Additional Matters for discussion – Gamlingay Police panel meets in the Village hall at 7pm on Thursday 14th July

Opening of Wisbey’s Yard on July 15th –  HPC voted not to attend, but to attend another event when more properties are occupied.

Charter for South CambridgeshireCouncils –consultation open until Sept 9th return by Sept 2nd

The following items to be discussed with Dennis Vacher at the meeting on 12th July

Trees on grass verge outside Mrs Dobles’s house on theHigh St,

Tree work carried out inCantelupe Rd,

New Drain installed inChurch St

Drain blockage and raised kerb inHarston Rd

Trees planted on verge outside 1a Trinity Close

Trees/Hedge planted on verge outside ?Church St

A punt has been moored for some time on the river – police to be informed

Harston Parish Clerk to be informed of frequent use by picnickers of area near river


8            County Councillors Report –.GamlingayVillageCollege is to remain open.  SK is having meetings with the Fire Authority to discuss closure of Gamlingay Fire station  It is important for Haslingfield that it remains open as it provides a service for Haslingfield when all appliances from Cambridge are in use.  SCDC are withdrawing from the proposal to incorporate the Haslingfield portion of Trumpington Meadows into the city boundary as the city is wanting to include a much larger area than just Trumpington Meadows, and this will mean a great loss of revenue to SCDC.

It would appear that the No 75 bus is to be retained for the time being.  The bus subsidy policy is being challenged, and further cuts are to be suspended for the time being.  CCC have submitted a subsidy bid to Government for bus services which has failed. The Guided Bus service is still on target to open on August 7th. CambourneVillageCollege will now go ahead


9        District Councillors Report – the Joint Development Council meeting will take place on 13th July

when a decision will be made on the planning applications for Trumpington Meadows housing and   school.  LH will flag up the lack of catering facilities in the community area of the school.  It would appear that comments made by HPC on the housing plans have been ignored. including multi use roads and lack of girls sports facilities at the school.  Children from Clay Farm and Glebe Farm developments are to be expected to cross the road to access the school at the Addenbrookes Access Road junction.


10     Committee and Working party Reports


A – Environment  – Report on the recent CEMEX meeting – the plant is to be mothballed indefinitely as the Humberside plant is to increase production.  Plans for infilling the quarry have been approved with 68 conditions applied.  Tenders for rail construction are out and production should commence in September.  Badgers have created setts under the rails making them unsafe.  New setts have been created for them and large quantities of wire buried to stop them burrowing back.  The only route accessible to the site will be via the A10, with as much material as possible coming by rail.  Additional sidings will be constructed at Foxton station.  The core strategy of the Minerals and Waste Plan will be discussed at the next full meeting of CCC.


B – Pavilion  –  the football club have marked out the recreation ground pitch with petrol and whitener and the pitch has become dangerous for cricket matches as there are many hollows. The ladies football team have refused to play on it.  Advise to be taken from a grounsdman as to the way forward.  The edge of the mesh under the bike stands at the play area is turning up and becoming a hazard, the installation team to be contacted.  Quotes are in for the work on the Village hall patio, and the order has been placed.


C – Allotments – No meeting


11                Correspondence – application from Local Scout Group to hold bonfire on Sat November 5th

CCC – the second grass cut has been put back from July to August/September

Grant application to support Royston & District Community Transport request for donation.

Call for sites for ‘Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment’  F

Consultation on pre-application charging for planning applications  F

Letter from Clive Blower re yellow Lines – 20 mph limit – hedge trimming inCantelupe Rd

Hedge trimming to be discussed with Highways representative.


12     Finance – Resolution to pay outstanding accounts proposed  by JO seconded by WT



The external audit has been completed satisfactorily, a notice will be placed on the Parish Notice Board


Date of next meeting Monday August 8th 2011


















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