Suspicious Vehicle

The following is an extract from a message received from a NHW Co-ordinator in Bourn. If you see this or any other vehicle acting in similar circumstances we would like to hear from you. If you are seeing this type of activity happening a 999 call is appropriate.

” Today (2/6/11) the van pulled into our drive & a man with a foreign accent wearing a fluorescent jacket was rummaging through the skip. When approached he said “I’m just looking for something” He was told to leave but carried on looking, only when he was threatened with the release of the dogs would he leave.

The van was then seen driving very slowly through Bourn – it was obvious he was looking down driveways.

The Van was a large White Iveco transit van Reg No. W396 BAN ”

John Fuller
Community Engagement Manager
Southern Division
Parkside Police Station, Cambridge
Direct Dial – 01223 82 3243
Mobile – 07736 084675 (Mobex 7110990)
Email –

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