Disorder in Cambridgeshire Last Night.

Patrols across the county were increased last night in response to disorders in London and other cities.  The county remained relatively quiet with one isolated incident of disorder in Cambridge which resulted in five arrests. Officers were called at 11.35pm to reports of between 30 and 40 youths hanging around Midsummer Common. Officers attended, supported by the force helicopter, and the group, some of whom were wearing face coverings, moved towards the Grafton Centre.

Some members of the group threw items at officers, including rubbish, and two officers received minor injuries. Five people were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and the rest of the group were dispersed within 20 minutes of the initial call.

No property was damaged during the incident.

Patrols were increased across the county to ensure there were sufficient officers available to deal with any incidents of disorder or concerns from the public.

As a result there was one isolated incident of disorder which was dealt with swiftly and resulted in five arrests.

A 16-year-old and 20-year-old arrested are currently in custody at Huntingdon Police Station. An 18, 19 and 28 year-old are currently in custody at Parkside Police Station. All five men are from Cambridge
This type of criminal behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone who uses the emerging national issues as an excuse to break the law in the county will be dealt with swiftly and robustly.

We understand there may be concerns and feelings of vulnerability within a number of communities. We will work closely with our partners and community leaders to address those concerns. We would appreciate any information you may have that may help us to deal with any incidents. Please contact Cambridgeshire Police on 0345 456 456 4 or if non urgent, by email via Ecops. Any Emergency calls should be made using 999.

Kind Regards,

Your Local Neighbourhood Policing Team.
Cambridgeshire Constabulary.
0345 456 456 4.

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