Minutes of HPC meeting held on Monday May 10th 2010

Present – Christine Kipping, Martin Heazell, Margaret Long, Olga Murkin, John Offord, Marjorie Richardson,  Angela Taylor, Wendy Timbs, John Wheelhouse. 

District Councillor Liz Heazell and County Councillor Sebastian Kindersley were in attendance     

There were no members of the public present

1      Election of Chairman – Marjorie Richardson proposed by WT, seconded by CK was duly elected

2      Apologies for absence – David Slight

3      Members Declaration of Interest – LH for planning application for pumping station at TM

4      Open Forum – none

5      Minutes of meeting held on April 12th were agreed and signed

6      Matters to be reported from these minutes –repairs to the fence bordering the Manor Drive are in hand.

        Mr Ridgeon has been advised of the broken bough on Footpath 3

        Following a meeting between Pat Matthews (drainage officer) and Jon Spain secretary of the allotments, the buddleia plants will be removed, and no more hedge plantings will take place.  The willows will be retained but kept to a height of 3’

        The date of the Annual Meeting had to be changed to May 19th to accommodate a speaker

        Overhanging branches in Quarry Lane to be dealt with by the environment committee

        Paul Brammer will organise Risk assessments on pavilion and recreation ground

        Footpath No 10 is inspected by the CCC, but it has been suggested that we could do it in conjunction with the School Lane inspection

7      Election of Vice Chairman – David Slight proposed by MR, seconded by JO was duly elected

8      Allocation of responsibilities

  • Allotments                                          CK
  • Environment                                       MH, WT
  • Finance                                                OM
  • Grass cutting                                       JO
  • Pavilion                                               MR, AT
  • Planning general                                  JO
  • Planning Trumpington Meadows        JW
  • Police liaison                                       CK
  • Risk Assessment                                 WT, JW
  • Warden Scheme                                  ML, OM
  • Web site                                              DS

9        Planning – applications and decisions

S/0636/10/F – Pumping Station and associated access and landscaping work, Trumpington Meadows – request to reconsider

S/0590/10/F – Extension and replacement garage, 34 Cantelupe Rd – agreed

S/0473/10/F – re roofing 42 Broad Lane – agreed

Amendment to plans for land at Clay Farm, Trumpington can be viewed at Mandela House

Letter to be sent to SCDC requesting that site plans are updated before being sent out        

10    Additional Matters for discussion – report of incident of two vehicles on footpath No 14 on 1st May.  No response from police, report to be forwarded to Glen Edge, CCC

Update from Skatepark Committee

The work on the Wellhouse meadow wall should be carried out during the next two weeks

Local PCSO to be advised of misuse of bus shelter at Lilac Close, abusive language used to residents, break in at local barn and use of drugs

Damage to Tennis Court fence adjacent to play area – representatives from the tennis club to be invited to the next HPC meeting to discuss this

11    County Councillors Report – meetings are taking place about the provision of education in Cambridgeshire, particularly concerning Gamlingay and Cambourne.  Discussions are still taking place about the Guided bus, no opening date has been arranged.  No more updates on the old railway bridge between Haslingfield and Barton.  There is concern about the provision of safety barriers each side of the bridge.  The provision of a cycle route below the bridge looks unlikely because of cost.

12    District Councillors Report – LH and SK are to be on the selection committee for the new CEO for SCDC, who should be appointed in September.  The Village Heroes scheme is to go ahead.  Peter Studdert’s attendance at the Annual Parish Meeting was confirmed.

13   Committee and Working party Reports

A – Environment  –  Ivy on Wellhouse Meadow wall to be cut soon

Deep Water signs to be erected and wooden post and wire fence where barbed wire was removed

Quarry Lane – overhanging branches to be removed

Grass cutting contractor to be asked to cut path around Millenium pond-MH to provide sketch of the area.  A group of ‘well’ experts have offered to give their opinion on the state of the well in the meadow – MH to liaise

B – Pavilion  – No Meeting

14    Correspondence – Harold Hopkins re installation of membrane under gravel around the edge of the War Memorial – no action by HPC

Width of footpath No 4 next to new development at 30 New Road– being dealt with by CCC

Letters re camping and fire lighting in the quarry  – no action to be taken

Cambs ACRE re production of Parish Plan – not taken forward

Hedge Maintenance around Recreation Ground – contractors have been made aware

CCC Rights of Way Access team changes –  contact now Andrew Stimson

Course on Rights of Way to be attended by MH and the Clerk

Parish Planning meeting 20.5.10 at Cambourne at 5.45pm

Invite from Rob Mungovan to attend the River Cam County Wildlife site at Trumpington Meadows on 19th May at 2pm

15         Arrangements for Annual Meeting on May 19th–Peter Studdert will talk about Trumpington

           Meadows and it’s impact on Haslingfield – coffee will be served after the business

16      Co-option of new councillor to replace John Lowe –Lucian Hatfield was co-opted

17      Re-siting of Parish Notice Boards – deferred until June meeting

18     Annual Footpath Inspection results – to be completed and returned to Clerk by May 30th

19     Development 30 New Road – the board erected showing ‘Tudor Meadows’ will not be the final name given to this development.  The Parish Council will be consulted on the final name

20        Finance – Resolution to pay of outstanding accounts proposed JO, seconded WT

Valuation of N W Brown investment £20,166 an increase since Sept 09 of £1,210

VAT refund received £617.36

First instalment of precept received £34,085

The accounts for 2009-2010 were presented and approved proposed MR seconded CK carried nem con

24     Date of next meeting Monday June 14th 2010

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