Scarecrows ‘on tour’

A number of scarecrows were apparently moved from the village to a roundabout on the A603 / M11 junction, and one was found in Hardwick. They have since been returned to the village – no doubt to the great relief of their owners who will have put a lot of work into them.

Are all the scarecrows now accounted for?
Who moved them and why?
Were they trying to hitch a lift up the A14?


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  • Doug Thompson


    It must have been those aliens again, allways abducting people when you least expext it you mark my words It’ll be crop circles next !


  • william


    I noticed this article in the Cambridge evening news on the same subject.

    Scarecrows ‘abducted’ after festival
    Scarecrows at a popular village festival may have given birds a fright – but it was the human residents who were in for a shock the morning after.

    Hours after Haslingfield Scarecrow Festival ended on Sunday evening, more than 20 of the villagers’ home-made creations disappeared.

    Many of the abducted scarecrows later appeared in nearby villages, prompting suspicions pranksters may have been responsible.

    Alex Robinson, event organiser, said: “There were around 200 of the scarecrows outside people’s houses, and when you think of all the time that went into preparing them, it’s really upsetting that someone’s just gone and vandalised them.

    “Families made them themselves, and now they’ve been torn when they were removed. I am assuming the people responsible are local and they think it’s just a bit of fun. They are absolute idiots.”

    Missing scarecrows were later spotted in Newnham and on the Barton roundabout on the A603.


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