Our first steps out onto the Internet

Welcome to our HaslingfieldVillage blog.

Just before Christmas, we formed a small team of volunteers with web, project and design experience to create a Village Web Site for Haslingfield.  We want to create a web site that is open to all to contribute and acts as a focal point on the web for the village. A basic web site should be ready by the end of February but it will continue to evolve as more people get involved and contribute.

We want the web site to be the place for up to date village information (diary, calendar, opinions, news) and have the ability to promote events and activities within the village to foster participation and community. You will also be able to raise issues and concerns (e.g. speeding, gritting) and we hope to provide the smaller clubs and societies with some web space.

However establishing and running a village web site is no small feat; especially if we want it be of value to the community.  Many local villages are established on the web; Harlton, Melbourn, Newton and Hauxton provide parish news, support the churches, local clubs and amenities as well as document the history and activities in the local area.  Haslingfield has a few websites already such as the choir, primary school, scarecrow festival and Little Theatre but with more people using the web, we wanted a site that draws all of this together.  Our aim is to provide a core site and then take advantage of free services for photos, links, sites and even wiki entries!  Church & Village will continue to be the main channel of communication and means of advertising and promoting events and activites  in Haslingfield and Harlton. In this way, everyone in the village will be  included, either online or in print.

If you have ideas or comments or would like to contribute then please let us know; the more people get involved, the more useful the site will be to everyone in the village. Look forward to hearing from you.   

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    As someone bred, born and resident in Haslingfield for over 50 years, finding this website
    provides interesting reading. Things that I recall look to be continuing, and new ones have arrived. The ‘Cambridge city dimension’ becoming more apparent.
    During my lifetime in the village I contributed as best I could; probably insignificant by today’s standards of education and expectation!! I doubt there’s anyone left who recalls either my family or myself. On the advice of the NHS a decade ago I left the village for a more accommodating climate.
    From my email address you will see that it’s French. In the southwest, about a half hour or so from Toulouse. Good food and wines on the doorstep.
    I do some writing for a national bilingual weekly paper published over here. Speaking French
    is normal, and holds no terrors! Also ad hoc for UK publications.
    Anyone wishing to enjoy this part of France is more than welcome to contact me. Access is easy, whichever mode is used.
    Thank you for reading this, and in turn I shall keep an eye on the village by the web.
    Best regards,
    Neville James Cole.


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