New Cemex Proposals for Barrington Works

Cemex made an application to the County Council regarding the Barrington Works which they received on 30th June. I went to an exhibition in Barrington Primary school today to find out about it. The official summary is as follows:

Proposed importation by rail of suitable restoration material, over a period of 5 years, to partially infill the existing quarry void and provide for the restoration of the western and north western areas of Barrington Quarry to a combination of agriculture and nature conservation after-uses and all associated works including railway refurbishment and the retention and continued use of existing weighbridge, office and workshop at Barrington Cement works and quarry, Cambs.

There would be four 23 wagon trains per day for 5 years on the branch line from Foxton junction and work at any time to unload. A total of 2 million tonnes of material would be dumped. They showed a sample of the infill material which looked like a dark grey mudstone – pretty inoffensive material. Their would be additional road traffic during the construction phase.

I was told that some Barrington residents had guessed that Cemex are bidding for a contract related to the London cross rail project  ( a new rail tunnel under London) and that of course this would only go ahead if they got the contract.

The County Council have engaged a consultant to study the noise effects of the work. The project will create between 15 and 20 jobs. The North Pit lake will also be retained at the end of the project but this will not be available to the public. The pit will not be filled up completely because the top of the chalk is apparently a registered geologically interesting site.

More details of the application can be found here.

Cambridgeshire County Council are asking for comments to be sent email to by 5pm on Monday 5th August 2010. (Postal address Box CC1213, Shire Hall, Cambridge, CB3 0AP).


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  • Doug Thompson


    Why not landscape the edge of the lake to create some shallow areas to encourage wildlife and reeds to populate the area and create a habitat for nature, there are apparently Peregrines already flying around the Quarry.


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