Distraction Burglary in Caxton

On the 5th October between 7.40pm and 7.45pm there was a distraction burglary in Brockholt Road, Caxton.

The victim was sat in the living room when he heard a bang at the front door, he looked up and a gloved hand came through the letterbox.  The victim went to the front door to challenge this person and he spoke to a male who asked the victim how much he wanted for some rubbish which was outside his neighbours house.  The victim told the male it was not his and that he had no business there and to clear off out of the area. The male offender muttered something and walked off quickly around the corner.

The victim then went to his next door neighbours house to let them know what happened.  When the victim returned to the property he noticed that some of the doors in his property were ajar and entry had been gained into the house by the rear bedroom window which had been forced open. A search had been carried out, but it appears no property was stolen.

It is believed that the house was entered by a female whilst the male offender was talking to the victim at the front door.  A witness saw a female sitting in a white old style ford transit van and heard the driver and the female speaking in an Irish accent.  As the witness tried to confront them they drove off at speed, but they could not get the registration number as it was covered by mud, rather than it being dirty.

The male offender the victim spoke with has been described as a white male, approximately 40 years old. 5ft 10″ – 6ft, was quite broad and well build.  He had short hair and an Irish accent.  He was wearing a dark bobble hat, grey trousers, a bomber jacket, white trainers and possibly white gloves.

The female the witness saw has been described as white, approximately 35 years old. She had short, back-combed hair and was dressed all in black.

Were you in the area at the time and see any people matching these descriptions, or a white transit van with the number plate covered up?  Please pass this information onto your Neighbourhood Watch members, and if you have any information in relation to these incidents which you think may be useful, please do not hesitate to call 0345 456 456 4, or contact me on the details below.

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Holly Chandler
Watch Scheme Support Officer
Southern Division
Cambridge Constabulary
Switchboard: 0345 456 456 4  Ext: 3314
Email: holly.chandler@cambs.pnn.police.uk

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