Becoming a Regular Contributor

If you think you might want to write articles regularly it makes sense that we set you up as a contributor.

Contributors can edit articles (called “posts”) directly on the web site. This is our preferred method since it provides more flexibility, you get to see exactly what the post will look like and it means that you do not have to wait  for an editor to draft it for you.
Step by step process:

  1. Obtain an account by sending an email to  Ask for a contributors account to be set up for you. If approved you will be sent login details for the account via email. In your request please provide the following information:
  • First name,  last name and nickname if you want one
  • Email address you would like us to contact you on
  • Relevant biographical information including an address and phone number. e.g. Joe Bloggs secretary of the tiddlywinks club, No.0 New Road, Haslingfield, cb23 xxx, tel 01223 87xxxx.

In applying for a contributors account you consent to the editors holding this information on the web site under the data protection act. The information will be used to contact you and will not be published on the site without your permission.

If approved you will receive an email giving you log in information for the site.

How to write a post as a direct contributor

  1. Go to the address in your browser and type in the login details you have been given in the email.
  2. To add a new article click “posts” on the left hand side then “add new” and an editor screen will appear.
  3. Type in the title of the post in the box and the content. You may wish to cut and paste textual information into the content box.
  4. In the categories list in the bottom right of the screen select one or more categories under which you would like the post to appear.
  5. If you would like to add one or more a tags to your post to make it easier to find then please choose from the existing tags or if necessary add a new one.
  6. When you are happy with your post, click submit for review near the top right of the screen
  7. The post will then be submitted to a group of editors to check against the following criteria
    • Relevance and interest  to the village
    • Quality of English – we reserve the right to edit submitted posts to improve this before publication
    • No commercial advertising
    • Be sensible, nothing offensive, overtly political or links to such things.
    • Doesn’t take up huge amounts of space with for example large image or video files (0.5 MB is large).
    • The editorial group aim to clear posts within 2 weeks of submission, but for regular high quality contributors will move to a more lightweight scheme.

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