Parish Councillors

Jenny Jullien
47a The Elms, CB23 1ND. Tel: 872848
Tony Adcock
Vice Chairman
8 The Meadows, CB23 1JD. Tel: 870708
Peter Agar 104 New Road, CB23 1LL. Tel: 870877
Clive Blower 1 Trinity Close, CB23 1LS. Tel: 870741
Julie Coxall 83 New Road, CB23 1LP. Tel: 872905
Lucian Hatfield 35 Barton Road, CB23 1LL. Tel: 871102
Tricia Knibbs 55 High Street, CB23 1JP. Tel: 871866
Ron van der Hoorn
14 Moss Drive, CB23 1JB. Tel: 872362
Frances Laville
Parish Clerk
32 High Street, Great Eversden, CB23 1HW. Tel: 264360
Doug Cattermole
District Councillor
20 The Elms, CB23 1ND. Tel:872649
Sebastian Kindersley
County Councillor
The Manor Barn, East Hatley, Cambs, SG19 3JA. Tel: 01767 651982

More details on parish councillors is available here.