Burglary Crime Prevention and what to look out for

By taking simple preventative measures you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary:-
ALARMS: One of the most effective deterrents is to install a burglar alarm. Ensure it is set every time you leave the house. 
SECURE ENTRY POINTS: Don’t leave any windows or doors unlocked or ajar as these can be easy access points for a burglar.
IF YOU ARE GOING AWAY: make your home look lived in, ask your neighbours to keep an eye out and install timer lights. You are at much less risk of being the next victim if burglars think you are at home. 

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Business Burglary – Cantelupe Road

19/12/2017 20:30 – 19/12/2017 20:35  Cantelupe Road, Haslingfield Business Burglary CF0733361217

If you have information relating to the crime reported, please contact the police on 101. Or if you wish to remain anonymous please call crime stoppers on 0800 555 111                  Lindsay Gardiner PCSO

Security Advice – Light Up Your Home

As the nights get darker, there is an increased risk of burglary when many homes will look obviously unoccupied. This can make your property more attractive to a potential burglar who would not like to be seen or discovered.

Use light timer switches, to make your home look occupied as it starts to get dark from about 3p.m. 3:30p.m. even just leaving some lights switched on will be beneficial. Think of rooms you would naturally be in such as a living room or kitchen. Leave a radio on a talk station, and make sure that all the windows, doors and side gates are secure.  There have been some recent burglaries where intruders have got in due to an insecurity. Read more by clicking on the Read More link. Read more

Results of the Phase 3 Traffic Calming Ballot

The votes were checked and counted by Frances Laville, Parish Clerk and Jenny Jullien, Chairman and validated against the Electoral Register. There are 1,272 people on the register of whom 500 voted, 39%.
Of the 500 votes cast;

  • 182 voted YES, 36%
  • 290 voted NO, 58%
  • 28 votes cast were invalid.

Therefore, phase 3 of the traffic calming scheme will not be implemented.
Thank you to everyone who took part in the ballot.  Jenny Jullien – Chairman, Haslingfield Parish Council