Eliza Goode

Having looked at village life in Nora Cannell’s time, the next few entries will look at life a couple of generations before, through the eyes of Eliza Goode.

Eliza was the fourth child, and first daughter, of Emma and Thomas Goode, a bricklayer, and was born on 28th December, 1859. Read more

Easter in Haslingfield

Remarkably little is recorded as happening at Easter in the Haslingfield of former times. There are no stories around Easter in the ‘Haslingfield Chronicle’. Can anyone out there throw a light on any regular Eastertime activity in the past in the village? Read more

More memories of Nora Cannell

As our thoughts move away from log fires to warmer times, this month’s extract from Nora Cannell’s memories about her Haslingfield childhood looks at the summer holidays of long ago.

Like most of the children in the village, Nora helped out at harvest-time. Read more

More Memories of a Haslingfield Childhood

Nora Cannell didn’t have many holidays from school, so Sundays were a treasured part of her life. She would set off for Sunday School at 10, trying to remember the collect that she would have to recite. Between Sunday School and the Morning Service she would go for a walk if it was warm. If not, she huddled round the stoves in the church that are no longer there. Read more

Memories of a Haslingfield Childhood – Part 1

For the next few postings I intend to summarise Nora Cannell’s ‘Memories of a Haslingfield Childhood’, a booklet published by the Village Society in 1983. When we receive permission from her nearest living relation, I hope to publish the whole of the booklet’s text on the website. Read more

Olympian spirits at Haslingfield School

I’m sure most of our Olympic stars first developed their talents at school, so a look at what Haslingfield children in the past were doing may be of current interest.

I’ll bet few of them had their activities curtailed in the way pupils in January 1944 experienced. Read more


After a gap of 28 years, the Village Society has reprinted The Haslingfield Chronicle. This book contains all the newsworthy items relating to the village that were printed in the Cambridge Chronicle between 1776 and 1900. Fires, murders, accidents, parties – they’re all there. Read more

Post-war improvements to the school

The years after World War II saw a frenzy of local Authority activity to improve the school buildings:
24th October 1946
At a Managers’ Meeting last night, the Correspondent was asked to write to the Education Office recommending the installation of an electric pump, so that a sufficient supply of water may be available. Read more

War comes to Haslingfield School 2

The Blitz of London started, leading to a new wave of
evacuees in the autumn of 1940, and necessitating the transfer of
a teacher from Surrey to meet the new demands. But by the end of
the year the local authorities had obviously got fed up with the
disruption: Read more