“Cash for CamSight”

100-camsight-logo-rgbWe are very grateful to the people who have been keeping their loose change for CamSight.  This has recently amounted to £49.81. If you have a jar of small change, perhaps you might like to give it to CamSight at any time during the year and these donations could be added to the amounts raised. Read more

CamSight House-to-House Collection

100-camsight-logo-rgbThank you to everyone who supported the collection in June.  £369.54 was collected in Harlton and £1,221 in Haslingfield, making a grand total of £1,591.43. In addition, a further £200 will be added as the result of kind people Gift Aiding their donation – this is an increase of £100! A special “Thank You” to our brilliant collectors. Read more

CamSight House-to-House Collection

100-camsight-logo-rgbDuring June, someone will call at your home and ask for your financial support for this important local charity. CamSight works with people of all ages who have visual impairment and offers them much-needed support. A rural support group meets at Haslingfield Methodist Church on the first Tuesday of each month and is attended by over 20 people.

(Please note, if you are a tax payer, your donation can be increased by 25p in each pound if you Gift Aid it. CamSight will NOT contact you and ask for future help as a result of doing this). Read more

CamSight House-to-House Collection

100-camsight-logo-rgbCollectors will be calling on every house in Haslingfield and Harlton during June asking for a donation for the work of CamSight. CamSight is a local charity that offers help in a variety of different ways to visually-impaired people. Please click Read More below for more info: Read more

CamSight News

100-camsight-logo-rgbMany thanks to the generous people in this village, and Harlton, who contributed £1,365.67 through the House to House collection earlier this year. We plan to raise more money at the Charity Fair at the Methodist Church on 16th November, by selling preserves and small gifts, and would be very grateful for any contributions to the stall. More details on:  870227. Read more

Country Kitchen Bank holiday weekend update

Country KitchenSeven weeks up and running, and we’ve certainly had our highs and lows. Definitely time to say thanks for all the feedback (mainly positive we’re pleased to say), comments and support. “A treasure trove”’, “an Aladdin’s Cave of lovely food”, “we’re lucky to have such a lovely shop in the village” are among some of your comments, which brightens our day and makes all the continued hard work very worthwhile.

Some updates and news… Read more

Cam Sight Concert – Grantchester

On Sunday 15 July in The Old Vicarage gardens in Grantchester, Cam Sight will be hosting Songs for a Summer Evening. The concert will include The St Catharine’s College Girls’ Choir with soloist Merit Ariane Stephanos, who will be singing a blend of East Meets West music. Read more

10th Anniversary of Cam Sight in Haslingfield

In 2001 Cam Sight opened a support/friendship group for visually impaired people held in the Methodist church. With the help of local volunteers the group has grown and become a regular, friendly meeting place on the first Tuesday of each month between 2 and 4pm. This group supports over 30 people from 11 surrounding villages and would welcome anyone with any sight problems, along with their family, friends and carers, too. Read more