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    Holidays are now with us. Opportunities to recharge minds and bodies. Visit new and
    unfamiliar places.
    France has always been the world’s leading destination with its abundant attractions, and hospitality.
    We’ve all seen in the news the sickening events over the past months in our cities.
    A state of emergency is in place for a further 6 months. Life on a daily basis goes on.
    To those from the village coming to France, may I suggest, that some extra patience
    is shown at points of entry where security is tighter than before. Have all relevant
    documents to hand. Answer questions calmly and politely, if asked.
    In the course of travelling and visiting France the Gendarmerie and Police Nationale
    will be patrolling the roads, railways and town streets. A reassuring presence.
    In traditional ‘France profond’ visitors are welcome; recent UK events notwithstanding.
    I hope this helps?


  • Claire


    Great Fireworks, thanks! I grew up in Haslingfield but now live in London – for the last few years we’ve come back for the fireworks. It’s a great family occasion, the fireworks are amazing and the kids and I really enjoy it. Well done for making it happen in spite of all the rain.


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